Monday, March 24, 2014

Under-eye bags and rolls

I treat undereye bags permanently with lower lid laser blepharoplasty, which is the ultimate solution for people who have under-eye bags where there is a fat bulge.  For those who have swelling, or edema causing their under-eye bags, there is a new product made by Living Proof, called Neotensil, which is a polymer which temporarily but quite effectively reduces the undereye puffiness.  It is like putting a hammock for your undereye bags.  Some of my co-workers tested the product and reported high satisfaction, and no complaints of any irritation or strange sensations.  It is also possible to use the product for the under-eye roll (banana or jelly roll) some people have from strong under-eye muscle contraction with expression.  I also like to treat this problem with Botox which helps relax the muscle. 

                                                            This photo is from the Living Proof Neotensil product brochure, from Obagi Medical.

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