Body Sculpting

The following treatments are not a substitute for diet and exercise but rather a supplement for those who already have a healthy diet and do exercise but cannot get rid of some stubborn areas of fat. 

Lipodissolve (phosphatidylcholine) is an injection that dissolves fat.  The injection can cause tenderness in the area for a few days to weeks, or temporary nodules that resolve over time, but is usually tolerated fine.  It is convenient and useful to dissolve small pockets of fat on the face, chin, neck, arms, legs, abdomen.  If you find warnings about it on the internet, they tend to be exaggerated.  At Gateway Aesthetic Institute, we have used this treatment with care and expertise for many years with much success and only the minor side effects listed above.  We reserve it for small areas desiring improvement and utilize other body sculpting methods listed below for bigger jobs.

Liposonix is an in-office local anesthesia, fat-melting ultrasound treatment.  It's used for treatment of abdomen, love-handles or to shrink your waistline.  Just like most of the body sculpting treatments, it can be quite painful, unless your physician does some local anesthesia.  At our office, we prefer tumescent anesthesia (which we also use with liposuction), and are conducting a study to show the superiority of our technique for local anesthesia with Liposonix.  Topical anesthesia with a cream is not adequate.  To do an entire waistline, abdomen, expect at least 45 minutes to an hour and half for your treatment time. 

Liposuction with SmartLipo is removal of excessive body fat with a suction cannula, followed by use of a laser to tighten the overlying skin.  At the Gateway Aesthetic Institute, we exclusively perform tumescent liposuction which has been shown in multiple scientific studies to be safer than liposuction done with general anesthesia, with a significantly lower risk of deep venous thrombi, and other serious complications.   If you can pinch way more than an inch, then Liposonix and lipodissolve are probably not adequate for your needs and you would get much greater satisfaction from liposuction.  We have some nice before/afters at

Vaserlipo refers to tumescent liposuction using an ultrasound device that permits high-definition contouring of the fat removal areas so that men can get a their pectorals, four or six-pack back or women some arm and hip/abdomen definition.  The ultrasound portion of the treatment is done before the suction to help free up the fat in a more efficient way (allowing more ease with hi-def sculpting) than traditional liposuction. We also offer this procedure in my practice.

Cryolipolysis (CoolSculpting/Zeltiq and other Brands) is freezing of fat resulting in dissolving and loss of fat of the abdomen.  It is similar to Liposonix in that it might shrink the waistline by 2-5cm.  The improvement, as with Liposonix may be seen at about eight weeks from the single treatment.  The duration of the treatment may be about one hour.

CelluCurve is a novel exercise bike imported from Europe with powerful but safe infrared lights that improve aerobic metabolism of those fatty body areas you wish to treat.  Please see +Post on this blog titled "Improve your aerobic metabolism of fat with CelluCurve," for more details.

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