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Dr. Karen Stolman of Gateway Aesthetic Institute and Laser Center

Dr. Karen Stolman of Gateway Aesthetic Institute and Laser Center
by Dori Cooperman March 7 2014
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I was passing through Salt Lake City for the Sundance Film Festival recently and was invited to visit the Gateway Aesthetic Institute and Laser Center where celebrity Dermatologist and Blogger Dr. Karen Stolman practices in the world’s largest cosmetic devoted laser center. The office is crazy elegant and has a gallery of paintings lining the halls.
She specializes in cosmetic medical care beyond just Botox and Fillers, though I did get a Botox/Filler touch up while I was there. Her office, founded by Dermatologist, Dr. Mark Taylor has over 48 devices including one of my favorite finds, the first Cellucurve in America – weight loss bike (imported from Italy), see my pic. I know I may not be a poster-child for weight loss, but some of my friends are. It speeds your aerobic metabolism of fat as you do low impact biking, by shining warm infrared lights. Patients may test ride the bike no charge, or sign up for multiple sessions – 3-5 per week. If you want to order your own bike, at an estimated $100,000, they will arrange that too, but you may want to wait until the Italian manufacturer upgrades the bike next year to include a wrinkle treatment. They showed me all the ways in which you can fix your wrinkles, scars, brown and red spots and fat pockets.
Patients fly in from all over the world, stay at the Grand America Hotel, have their treatment which is usually priced better than in another bigger city like LA or NY. You’ll be advised to not smoke or drink, and to only watch funny movies, but not because you are in Utah, you will heal much faster post-procedure if you follow those steps and live like a Mormon for a little while.

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