Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Permanent Makeup tips

I often get asked to recommend a permanent makeup artist, and I have even recommended some of my patients consider permanent makeup.

The popular SofTap brand and method of permanent makeup tattoo is actually semi-permanent and tends to fade in 2-4 years requiring touch-up or new treatments periodically.  So the commitment is not truly permanent, which I like.  What I like about the SofTap method is it can be done with a natural feathered hair look for filling in eyebrows.

Having a tastefully done thin upper and lateral lower eyelid liner can be a time saver for a busy woman. 

As women age, our lateral brows tend to thin and some of us seem to be left with no eyebrow hair by the time were over 50.  I recommend for this either NeoGraft hair transplant to the thinned eyebrows and/or permanent makeup.  If there is very little hair, and permanent makeup is done alone, sometimes it may look less natural, than if a combination (which I prefer) of hair replacement (transplant) and permanent makeup is done.

Some of my older patients, have trouble putting on makeup themselves because of poor vision or unsteady hands, but still want to look their best.  That's when I recommend they consider permanent makeup.  In addition, regular makeup can smear and fade easily which can be frustrating, whereas permanent makeup can be relied on to always look perfect.

I caution to avoid very dark lip liner colors, which tend to look unnatural and even odd.

Is it truly permanent?
No, not exactly.  I like to call it "semi-permanent".  The darker the color you choose the longer it will last it seems, but many people need touch-ups in 2-4 years.

Can I remove the makeup?
Yes, you can remove it with laser, but it will take multiple treatment session 4-15 depending on the color.

Does it hurt?
Yes, a little, unless you have really good numbing cream on, which I recommend.  It is common to have mild swelling, redness and pain for a few days after at your treatment sites.

If you are looking for a great permanent makeup artist, ask your local cosmetic dermatologist for a referral.


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pumas, Cougars, Jaguars, Manthers, and how looking younger can be a double-edged sword

When an older man is seen dating or marrying a much younger woman...some derogatory literary phrases come to some minds like trophy wife, gold digger, bald digger, sugar daddy, manther etc.

When an older woman is seen flirting, dating, or marrying a much younger guy...puma, cougar, jaguar, even gerbil (heard on SNL).

While I like to think these animals are attractive and even sexy, they are also aggressive predators.  Bottom line they're all pretty negative references.

I propose that at least the newer fashion of older women linking to much younger guys may have something to do with our progressing cosmetic technology where we are now capable of looking younger and more healthier than in the past.  There are biologic studies to explain that men have an instinctual attraction to a healthy, fertile women.  Looking younger may translate to healthier and more fertile to the eye.

While looking younger and more healthier can be fun in the dating world, it can have mixed outcomes in the workplace.  It is commonly known that looking younger and healthier will help one get hired and keep many jobs; however, I would suggest that in the white collar professional world it may interfere with one's ability to be taken seriously.  If you have no wrinkles or gray hair to show your maturity, will you be trusted to perform your work with the experience of a senior employee?  On the other hand, if you look older, you may give the impression of being tired, drained or even outdated.

I suggest that you look younger, healthier but show your knowledge and experience with hard work, charisma, and professionalism.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Why Tumescent microcannula Liposuction ?

I often get asked why do tumescent microcannula liposuction and how is it different than other liposuction surgery?

Tumescent liposuction is when liposuction is done with smaller suction cannulas under local anesthesia with a dilute Lidocaine:epinephrine mix that allows for slight inflation or tumescing of the treatment area as well as excellent bleeding/bruising control.  The inflation or tumescing is helpful in aiding safe removal of fat and avoidance of surrounding structures.  Dermatologists perfected the tumescent liposuction technique over the past couple decades and have demonstrated that it is consistently safer with a much lower risk of complications compared to liposuction done with general anesthesia.  In addition, years of successful tumescent liposuction have exposed the comparative dangers of liposuction done with general anesthesia. Such dangers include infection, respiratory depression, hemorrhage, DVT/pulmonary emboli and more which are rarely seen with the tumescent technique but a significant risk with general anesthesia technique.

To improve efficiency of fat removal and skin tightening, many dermatologists will use lasers during the liposuction procedure.  I like the SmartLipo and VaserLipo devices for these purposes.  They have allowed us to do hi-definition liposuction such as recreating the six-pack in a man's abdomen, as well as tighten loose skin after fat removal.

Neck wrinkles

Sometimes we focus too much on fixing our face and forget the neck which has suffered almost as much sun damage and aging changes.

What can be done to rejuvenate the neck?

A new cream from Revision Skincare called Nectifirm is promising for home use - see pic below.  It contains a unique natural wrinkle-fighter ingredient from "wax myrtle shrub" plant called dihydromyricetin as well as other know wrinkle-fighters called oligopeptides.  I like this product as a compliment to our in-office neck wrinkle and neck tightening treatments.

In the office, the radiofrequency, ultrasound devices and lasers can be used to improve wrinkles and sagging.  I find the laser tightening with our Fotona NdYag requires fewer treatments than radiofrequency or ultrasound.  The Yag laser will remove hair too, so not appropriate for men who want to keep their beards. In addition, for people who have pockets of fat under the chin.  I may consider Lipodissolve injection or tumescent liposuction.

When you have neck wrinkles and freckles, the Fraxel Restore Dual or Repair are helpful too.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Why vaginal rejuvenation?

It is for various purposes including:  cosmetic improvement of saggy or wrinkly labia skin, for tightening of vaginal canal to improve stress incontinence or sexual function improvement. 

Many women start to experience these changes after pregnancy or with age.

Yes, one option is to have surgical correction, but why do surgery if there is a treatment method that may produce similar results with lower risk, lower downtime, and less expense?
Laser vaginal rejuvenation and treatment of stress incontinence is a cutting edge treatment that has already taken on in Europe and Asia. 

We are currently conducting a study at Gateway Aesthetic Institute (in Utah) and recruiting women who have either stress incontinence or desire to cosmetically improve their vagina as described above, where we will do a brief 20 minute or gentle Yag (1064nm) laser treatment intravaginally and/or externally to the vaginal labia.  We have been told by the laser manufacturer (Fotona Yag) that we are the only physicians in the western U.S. with training and equipment for this procedure.  The treatment will feel warm but not painful, and in fact does not require anesthesia whatsoever.  It may need to be repeated for total of 2-3 treatment sessions a month apart.


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Old Hands and how to rejuvenate them

So you're face and neck look good, but you forgot the hands.

Here are my suggestions, starting with at home treatments.  Try a retinol cream every night and/or a brown spot lightening cream such as Lytera, Ellure or Melanolyte.

At the office, I suggest treatment of the brown spots with either IPL or laser depending on your skin type.  A few treatment sessions may be necessary.  Another newer option is the Fraxel Restore Dual laser which removes both brown spots and fine wrinkles in one session.  For more severe wrinkles or thinned skin with prominent veins, filler treatment with Radiesse or a hyaluronic acid works great too.