In the Cosmetic World News

The following are new treatments that may not be available yet at your doctor's office, or were recently just made available.

Threading:  no not eyebrow threading !  Instead, threading, placement of subcutaneous absorbable sutures throughout the face to stimulate new collagen and elastin (similar to filler treatments) and to provide rejuvenating skin tightening and lift.  See a video demonstration on my "Threading" post.

Pore Shrinkage:  Until recently we did not have a long lasting solution to shrink pores.  The fractionated radiofrequency with or without microneedling offer hope for a lasting reduction in pore size.

The Restylane Silk Launch:  Restylane Silk is now becoming available after recently earning FDA-approval for use in fine wrinkles.  It is similar to Belotero, already approved for finer wrinkles, but will hopefully last longer than the Belotero which only seems to last a few months.  Some physicians are reporting more temporary swelling with Restylane Silk than other hyaluronic acid fillers.

Botox Makes You Happy - Recent studies indicate that Botox improves depression.    Botox is the newest antidepressant.

Skin Tightening with ThermiRF - I have already been improving saggy necks and arms and bellies with gentle radiofrequency and Yag laser heat, but the latest advance now available is a stronger more effective radiofrequency skin tightening that involves a probe that gets placed under the skin. Among the international cosmetic surgery community, this treatment is being touted as "the best thing short of a surgical neck lift."

Topical Botox - Good news for those with needle phobia

Soon to complete phase 2b clinical trials, topical Botox is being investigated for treatment of wrinkles, acne, hyperhidrosis.  Don't get too excited, it is doubtful it will work as well as injectable Botox.

Face Oil Control

On the horizon for managing excess facial oil, are dilute Botox dermal skin injections, laser sebaceous oil gland destruction with (Sebacia = silica and gold-base nanoparticle, applied in a cream that when actived by laser destroys the sebaceous glands).  Nitric oxide is being studied as an antiandrogen topical oil treatment (see hair thinning treatment below)

Rosacea redness
IPL and laser are still the leading most effective treatments for the redness of rosacea, but Mirvaso (Brimonidine) topical gel helps too and is available as a prescription, at least for 5+ hours.  Also dilute Botox dermal skin injections are being studied for this too.

Hair Thinning

Topical Nitric Oxide is being tested as an antiandrogen treatment for mail pattern balding.

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