The Non-Surgical Brow Lift

Brow lifts can obviously be done surgically, but if you're looking for a less invasive way to do it that will last longer than Botox (3-4mths) consider filler or laser brow tightening.

Let's start with fillers for a brow lift.  Fillers (Juvederm, Radiesse,Voluma and others) may be used to lift the brow when placed above the eyebrows.  For women, it is easy to improve the lateral arch of the brow with this technique.  Having a nice arch is youthful and attractive.  Many of the new fillers are lasting 18 months or more.

The Yag laser can be used to tighten and lift the brow (as well as the face and neck).  It is done in one-two treatments with very little or no discomfort.  See my post "Would you Yag my Sag?"  Another technique for tightening and lifting the brow is with Ultrasound heating as in "Ulthera."  Most people need anesthesia for Ulthera, which also takes longer (an hour +) and tends to cost more than Yag laser tightening.

Some people ask, " Will I need to do it again? "  I say, "maybe in a few years."

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