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Fillers are one of the most popular cosmetic procedure after muscle-relaxers like Botox.  Fillers can be done simultaneously with the muscle-relaxer for added benefit and duration of effect.

Before you run off getting filler, I recommend you understand a few important rejuvenating beauty concepts, so you can guide your treatment with your doctor.  Don't get the filler where your friend had it just because she looks good.

The most popular places to have filler placed are lips, cheeks, scars, tear trough/nasojugal groove, around the mouth, chin, brow and temple hollows.

My rules for fillers in women (for the patient and the injector) can be remembered with the acronym FACE:

F  Fill shadows and hollows that you did not have when you were young (tear trough, temple, nasolabial, prejowl, malar).  Don't try to fill every wrinkle, focus on the shadows and hollows and then wrinkles will in turn improve.
A  Avoid overfilling the lower face which can age and bloat, and Avoid taking blood-thinners like (aspirin, ibuprofen, garlic supplements, red wine, Vitamin E supplements, and fish oil supplements) for a week before the procedure. An exception to this rule, is if you you get your upper cheeks filled first, and your left with to severe a hollowness inferior to your cheeks and above the jawline, then you may need to fill a little there too to help soften and rejuvenate.  This is more likely to happen if you're slender.
C  for Cheeks, build up those cheek bones to rejuvenate nicely.  You can't go wrong if that's all you do with filler.
E  for Elevate the lower face with filler as opposed to weighing it down.
S  for heart Shape.  In women, we are trying to achieve the heart-shaped face of youth, or upside-down triangle, and minimize the masculine, heavy square shape that can happen with aging and grinding.  In men, we are also trying to bring back the youthful face shape which is less heavy in the lower face, and can be seen in photos of men when they were younger.As we age, our brow will tend to sink downward and the tails of our eyebrows will trend downward as well, that is if we still have adequate hair (see eyebrow hair transplant for more info,).  In a woman, if the brow is sunken, it will tend to masculinize as well as age the face.  In a man, it will age and make for a meaner or more angry expression.


A subtle natural brow lift, as can be achieved with hyaluronic acid filler, will serve to feminize and rejuvenate a woman giving her a more alert and healthier look.  For a man the lift will rejuvenate, and also give a more approachable, happier, healthier look.

Brow lifts with hyaluronic acid (HA) filler can last a year, and each time stimulates new collagen and elastin for more permanence.  It can be modified or adjusted easily with the enzyme that dissolves HA filler which is more forgiving than a permanent correction with surgery.

The filler can also be placed in the brow, to improve symmetry.  Asymmetry can be unattractive and distracting.  Many people will develop worse brow droop on their left side due to many years of excess UV radiation through the car window and worse skin laxity on that left side.  Filler is helpful to correct this problem.

With filler treatment, expect slight tenderness within 24 hours after, and possible bruising and swelling for a few days to weeks.  Most physicians will suggest a follow up visit where additional filler or adjustments may be needed.  I will often ask men to show me a photo of how they looked in their twenties or thirties.


Dr. Stolman has been injecting since 1998, prior to the creation of hyaluronic acid fillers when collagen was popular.

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