Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Laser Treatment of Rhinophyma type of Rosacea

Actual Patient with progressive worsening rhinophyma, before and after a single laser treatment.
Rhinophyma is a complication of rosacea that is marked by enlargement of the nose, and change in color and texture to include redness, prominent veins, and plugged pores.  It tends to be worse in men and worsen gradually over time.  While we don't have a perfect cure for rosacea and this complication called rhinophyma, we can do alot to control it and improve it.  This treatment was done by me with the Erbium/CO2 resurfacing laser in one session, using local anesthesia.  With this treatment, there is about two weeks of healing with crusting/peeling/inflammation but one can work or do normal daily activities during this time.  Sun avoidance is crucial while healing and indefinitely thereafter b/c sun is a prime trigger of rosacea.  This is a lasting improvement;  however, not a cure for rhinophyma, and it can recur slowly if the person is genetically susceptible or fails to avoid the rosacea triggers like sun and certain foods.  For more information about rosacea triggers and prevention, I recommend going to www.rosacea.org

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