Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Trick or Treat: Sodas, sugar, aging and acne

It's the sugar in sodas that a recent study found causes faster aging via shortening DNA telomeres.  There are other studies that show how sugar binds to collagen in the skin via glycation, stiffening the collagen so it cannot function properly and accounting for some wrinkles and saggy skin.  In addition, a high sugar (high glycemic) diet has been linked (in multiple dermatologic studies) to acne.

Hmmm....bad news for Halloween weekend.

Friday, October 24, 2014

CoolSculpting my office staff

We just CoolSculpted on of my medical assistants last week.  CoolSculpting is cryolipolysis, where fat is frozen underneath the skin.  She is a beautiful girl and she is getting married next summer, so really wanted to look her best.  She is only 24, and has stubborn pockets of fat that we treated below her belly button, and on her hips.  She did fine this week, and just had a little sensitivity in her waist.  One or two days she had some nerve pain beginning on day 4 after the procedure but that has since subsided by day 7.  She took a medication called Gabapentin which helped with that.  We were told this side effect is transient and rare, <10% of people who CoolSculpt.  Her new hourglass figure should be visible at the earliest 30 days and latest three months.  Sometimes a second treatment is needed for larger fat pockets.  Today we are treating a man for "man boobs."  I will try to post pictures in another month of my assistant.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

CoolSculpting - to loose stubborn pockets of fat

As with other bodysculpting methods (Vanquish, Liposonix, Lipodissolve, see Page on Bodysculpting) CoolSculpting is meant to remove a stubborn pocket of fat that is resistant to change with diet and exercise.  CoolSculpting from the Zeltiq company is cryolipolysis for body fat removal. Basically, pockets of fat gradually dissolve (over 2-4 weeks) after freezing treatment that lasts an hour.  CoolSculpting has become wildly popular in the past few years across the U.S. mainly due to excellent marketing from the manufacturer.  I am happy to report that I offer this procedure and can vouch for the good results we are seeing with this.

CoolSculpting may be our most rapid and powerful non-surgical fat slimming treatment other than Vanquish, which have never been compared head to head.  I also carry Vanquish which is radiofrequency heating to remove stubborn fat pockets.  I prefer the Vanquish for people with mild to moderate fat and saggy skin.  The CoolSculpting I like for people with moderate or worse fat with or without saggy skin.  CoolSculpting has not been formally studied for skin tightening whereas the radiofrequency technology in Vanquish has been.  That being said, many people report skin tightening with both devices.  Recovery from CoolSculpting involves swelling, soreness, bruising, for a week or two.  Results are usually seen in four weeks.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Skin lifts and tightening without surgical cutting


A non-surgical neck and lower face lift  !

Thermi-RF has been available in the United States for over two years now, but too many people are not aware of this incredible option.  It is deemed by the top cosmetic physicians to be the closest thing to a surgical neck and lower face lift, but done with local anesthesia, and without surgical cutting.  Results are more dramatic than Ulthera and other non-invasive skin tightening treatments which are done on the outside of the skin.  We are seeing more effective new collagen and elastin formation with skin tightening done under the skin rather than from the outside.

What is Thermi-RF ? 

Thermi-RF is controlled radiofrequency heating of skin to stimulate new collagen and elastin formation, to remove wrinkles and skin laxity resulting in rejuvenated skin.  Anyone with saggy skin may benefit.  Even if your skin laxity is most severe and you thought surgery was the only answer, improvement will still be seen.  It can also be used to tighten skin with stretch marks or after weight loss. During the treatment, the patient is relaxed with valium, and local tumescent anesthesia (Lidocaine or Marcaine) is given to the treatment area.  A heat-sensitive camera is used to visualize the skin during treatment.  A radiofrequency probe is introduced through a very small puncture in the skin.  Multiple radial movements of the RF heat probe under the skin are performed to evenly heat the dermis to the precise temperature to achieve safe and effective new collagen and elastin formation.  The treatment takes less than an hour for neck and lower face.  It can also be done for lax skin on arms, legs and abdomen and more.  Following treatment, the patient must wear a compression garment to the area for 4 days or until swelling is mild.  After treatment, patients should expect swelling for a week or less, mild bruising, and tenderness for a few days to a week.  By contrast, with surgical skin tightening, involving incisions and cutting, recovery is many weeks to months.  The cost of Thermi-RF is based on size of the treatment area.  The average neck treatment is $3500.

Dr. Karen Stolman performs Thermi-RF Skin Tightening regularly and will do free initial consults for interested patients.  To schedule a consult, call Dr. Stolman's office in Salt Lake City at 801-595-1600