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Makeup for men?

Do you have a blemish or a scar that you would like to cover up?  There are a bunch of great non-greasy facial sunblocks that contain a neutral covering makeup tint that can help you mask something unsightly.  They're great for men who don't feel comfortable using "makeup".  I have also recommended it to many of my patients for coverage after a skin procedure that may cause bruising or discoloration.  Some brands that carry a tinted sunblocks are Elta MD, Revision, Skinceuticals.

Shaving Tips:

Don't try too hard to get that close shave or you'll end up with razor bumps.
Here is a list of razor shaving tips to abide by if you want to have a nice bump-free shaven face

1.  Don't go against the grain
2.  Use warm water and a lubricating shave gel or soap
3.  Use a clean blade, replace at least once a week to avoid a dull blade
4.  Try cleansing the blade before use with an antiseptic like Hibiclens
5.  Shave a clean face that has been cleaned prior to shaving with a gentle cleanser
6.  For the occasional minor irritant beard rash, apply a pure aloe vera gel (no fragrance, dye) and an over-the-counter cortisone lotion or cream.

If you still get bumps with the above, try an electric shaver instead or consider that you have acne and see a dermatologist.

Thinning hair will age a man significantly.  Unless you go all the way bald like the handsome actor Vin Diesel, it's hard to maintain that youthful vigor with less hair.

If your hair is in the typical place for male-pattern hair loss - receding frontal hairline and thinning in the crown, then it is probably not from an underlying health problem.  However, any question as to the cause of your hair loss could be evaluated best by a dermatologist.

The first-line treatments for male-pattern hair loss are topical minoxidil liquid and Propecia.  Those may suffice separately or when taken together.  If those fail to be adequate, some men do well when they add in a low-level light therapy (LLLT) like the Hair Max laser comb or IGrow.  If this is still not working, then you may be a candidate for a hair transplant.  Please see my Thinning Hair Treatment for Men and Women page for details.

I have many tips for men to stay looking young, yet masculine and more "guapo".

Let's start with the man who looks too young or pretty and would like to look more like a man.

Look at the jawline, is it strong and defined enough?  If not consider filler treatment to broaden it.  Look at the eyebrows...are they too thin?  Thin eyebrows not only feminize but may age as well.  Try Latisse (see eyelash post and pic) on the brow not eyelashes, or try minoxidil liquid (Rogaine).  Look at the hair...avoid slicked back or too perfect styles which may feminize.  Don't color every gray hair, leave some speckled gray, and choose a shorter cut esp. If you have other soft features like small nose, light-colored eyes.

The man who wants to look younger, less tired, less wrinkly.

Be careful to not jump right into brow or facelifts, which might feminize too much.  For a natural look, consider laser resurfacing for wrinkles, brown spots, and pre-cancers.  I have found that a strong laser resurfacing with Erbium/CO2 kills those pre-cancers with a more lasting result than anything I have seen over the years with liquid nitrogen, fluorouracil, and PDT or photodynamic therapy.  

For hollows or shadows that contribute to facial sagging and remain after your laser treatment - try filler treatment, done by a skilled aesthetic physician/practitioner and you can get a more natural looking liquid facelift.

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