Laser Wrinkle (Resurfacing) Treatment

Are you a thinking about improving the stubborn wrinkles on your face, neck or chest?
You may have heard about laser treatments, but may fear the pain, downtime, or results.
These concerns are all real, but should be minimal when you choose an experienced laser physician.

I would like to thank the following patients of mine for consenting to share their pictures and experience with these amazing treatments.

I treated this patient with CO2/Erbium laser to the face, TCA (trichloracetic acid) peel to the neck, one treatment, local anesthesia, just 10-14 days downtime with peeling, crusting, swelling.  She had a great result.  At a recent visit I treated her under-eyes with IPL for redness/capillaries, and placed filler in her upper cheeks and jowl folds, to achieve a liquid face lift, bringing back volume to her mid face, and lifting the jowls.  Stay tuned for the follow up photo.

This patient of mine was also treated for both acne scarring of the cheeks, and facial wrinkles.  I started with subcision of his cheek scars using tumescent anesthesia, followed by CO2/Erbium laser, one treatment, local anesthesia, similar downtime as patient above.

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