Thursday, June 15, 2017

Amazing Wart Treatment for Killer Plantar Warts

Plantar warts are warts that occur on the plantar (or bottom) aspect of the foot.  They are notoriously stubborn warts.  Before I share this awesome home remedy that has worked for numerous of my patients, I want to give a little more wart background info.

Plantar warts are caused by the human papilloma virus, yes the same virus that is linked to genital warts and cervical cancer but a different strain(s).  The best way to tell if you have a wart on your foot, rather than a callus or other growth that may mimic a wart, is look for your normal skin footprint. Where the wart is present, you will see a disruption in the skin markings.  In addition, warts are very vascular or have a rich blood supply, which can be seen as brown or black dots (tips of dried blood vessels) that some people mistakenly describe as seeds.  Warts do not have roots or seeds.  Warts are passed by contact from person to person, and sometimes from infected objects like a nail file, foot pumice or buff, etc.  Warts spread to dry friction-prone areas of the skin, so to reduce spread and avoid infection, it is important to moisturize the wart-prone skin.

Warts have no perfect cure, even at the dermatologist's office, so home remedies that may work are worth looking at.  It is hopeful that someday there will be a vaccine to protect from the strains of Human Papilloma Virus that infect our feet, but for now that does not exist.

A patient of mine gave me permission to share her amazing cure photos for her son's stubborn plantar warts.  She is not the first person I have heard of succeeding with this wart busting regimen.  I have met at least two others and heard of many more.

Here is the regimen:
step 1.  Apply Dr. Bragg's or similar Apple Cider Vinegar to warts.  Try soaking cotton balls with the vinegar and tape the cotton balls to the warts for at least 15 minutes.
step 2.  Apply Oregano Essential Oil (my patient used Doterra Brand) three times a day to the warts until they clear, or completely flake off.  It takes about three weeks for plantar warts like these, maybe less time for other warts.  Note, I have advised some of my patients to purchase oregano oil for this treatment, but the only brand that consistently seems to work is Doterra.   I do not work for Doterra.

Here are the pictures, Day 1 or first day of treatment, ending with post-treatment cure!
We are looking at the bottom of a teen boy's foot.  See the yellowish warts turn white after soaking with the apple cider vinegar, and then more white after days of treatment with the oregano oil.

The "octopus sucker" look as my patient described

Hallellujah !!
This looks like a cure !!

Disclaimer:  This is what doctor's like to term a case report of a successful treatment.  I am not aware of a controlled study with a significant sample size of patients to confirm that this home remedy works as well as in-office treatments like liquid nitrogen or laser or chemotherapy injections or candida injections or even other home remedies like duct tape, but it seems worth trying. I do not work for Doterra or Dr. Bragg.