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October 2018
It is that time of year again (in the northern hemisphere) when laser and light resurfacing makes a lot of sense as you can heal with less sun exposure risk.

This is highly intelligent CNN correspondent Philip Mudd.  Though this pic is from last year, he still sports the same facial lentigines (sun spots) this year.  He does not have to live with those darn spots!   The easy, affordable go to treatment is a commonly known as a "photofacial" or a facial IPL or BBL treatment.  It costs from $200-400 per treatment and may need to be repeated 2-3 times for best results.  Recovery/healing is easy quick and low risk, just 5-10 days of light peeling.

Week of December 11

Aging gracefully in men, can be helped by a little filler treatment to the temples.  Some men will feminize or soften with age or weight loss.  Both men and women get resorption of bone in the temples with age, or fat loss which if untreated can give a skeletonized aged, and feminized (for a man) appearance.  I recommend a hyaluronic acid filler or Sculptra or Radiesse deep to the temples, to improve this problem.  It is a very safe treatment, and may last a couple years after the first treatment.

Week of November 17
The KK (Kim Kardashian) airbrushed butt photo is still circulating and astonishing people, while KK runs to the bank to cash in.  Big butts seem to be in fashion.  Be warned that it is very difficult to have an augmented butt that looks natural.  I have no idea if Kim had an implant or had great computer graphics, but more likely that the Kardashian women are genetically blessed with bigger booties.  With all the movement and trauma to our butts, it is rare that an implant will stay where we want it long term.  Beware of silicone injections for butt augmentation, which is being done outside the United States.  It will often lead to irregular nodules and scarring, resulting in a pocked butt. Silicone is permanent and trying to remove it, is difficult, and risks further risk of scarring.  Yuck !

Week of October 22
In Defense of Renee...

Picture shown on CNN.com

The big cosmetic story of the week in the news was Renee Zellweger's "new look." I have to say I think she looks great.  To be fair she is a few years older in the recent photo, and her makeup is different.  The first photo she has brighter hued lips, and more eyebrow makeup and sculpting.  I can also make an educated guess about some other non-surgical cosmetic enhancements she may have had to complete her new look.  Her cheeks are fuller partly because she is smiling more in the recent photo to right.  Filler treatment with Voluma or Sculptra can also achieve that look and give the increase camera light reflection.  Her lower jaw is narrower and more feminine in the recent photo which can be done with Botox to the masseter.  Her posterolateral cheek is fuller which can be done with hyaluronic acid fillers or Sculptra.  I perform these treatments daily on my patients, and support their safety as well as their natural results.  I am disappointed when I hear some people criticize celebs for doing cosmetic enhancements or commenting that people do it because they have a mental weakness.  I commend Renee for wanting to look her best given the nature of her leading lady work, and for many people, regardless of their work, looking good is feeling good.

Week of September 18

LeBron James and Hairline confusion ?

One of the hottest online sports stories today is claiming that LeBron filled in his hair, and these pictures were shown.

Someone clearly made a mistake and confused NBA player Carlos Boozer (in the top two photos) with LeBron James in the bottom.  It does look like Carlos tried a topical/cosmetic camoflage product in the top right photo.  The photo of LeBron on the bottom right just seems to show that his hair has grown in fuller.  Anyway, I would recommend NeoGraft hair Transplant (700 grafts) for Carlos and not for LeBron.

Week of September 10

Kylie Jenner's Lips

Many young woman aspire to look as hot as Kendall and Kylie, the beautiful Jenner/Kardashian sisters.  Kylie has been seen recently sporting fuller lips, and I have had young female patients ask me to emulate that look for them.  I warn that a young woman with fuller lips along with heavy eye makeup and lip color will instantly age you so you fit in better with the 30 and 40-somethings.  I am not so sure that's a look an 18 or 23 year old should be going for.  In addition, over-full lips will look unnatural and detract from your overall look.  I caution to begin with just a small amount of filler in the lip, usually 1x 1ml syringe, and go from there.

Week of August 27
photo from E Online  (Kristen Wiig)

The Emmy's !  The VMA's !
Kristen Wiig looking great.
One of the most common rejuvenating question I get at the office from women and men about Kristen's age, is what can I do for my periorbital (around the eye) wrinkles. For mild to moderate periorbital wrinkles, I recommend either laser resurfacing or radiofrequency tightening.  Both treatments give natural and excellent results.  As to which, that is based on your skin type, whether there is also freckles, brown spots to remove and how quickly and how much improvement is desired.

Week of August 19

Peter Dinklage as Tyrion in Games of Thrones

Let's talk about skin wounds and scars.  If you or your child gets a face laceration or scratch, do not panic, and here are some tips.  A true "laceration" which penetrates the epidermis and dermis and is more than 3mm in length should be sewn up by a physician, preferably a dermatologic or plastic surgeon.  However, some of my E.R. physician colleagues are good at that too.  If the wound is more shallow or smaller than sutures may not be necessary and just good wound care will help.  Begin by gentle cleansing with gentle soap and water. No peroxide, alcohol or witch hazel which all can dry out and irritate too much.  If the wound is new, apply a double antibiotic ointment or mupirocin ointment two times a day for five days, and cover it if outside in sun.  Avoid swimming within these first five days.  Then at five days or when the wound is no longer raw and open, when sutures are out, begin with a healing ointment or scar prevention gel.  Some options include:  Scar Recovery Gel (by SkinMedica), Epidermal Repair (Skinceuticals), Silicone-based scar pads (NewGel).

Week of August 12

The sunbather selfie...

As a dermatologist, I tend to cringe when I see a photo like this.  Please put some sunblock on and get under an umbrella, and get your vitamin D from your diet.  UV radiation from the sun (or a tanning booth) is a carcinogen !  Just check the WHO and U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services statement re. SUN.  UV radiation causes not only skin cancers, but premature aging of the skin, immune system depression, and eye cataracts.

Week of June 21

It's not easy being green...

Long before I was a physician, I was a child actress in musicals.  I once used tan in a can to portray the polynesian girl in South Pacific.  In my spare time over the years as an adult, I continued to sing and perform, and once protrayed Elphaba and sported the green look.  I know first hand how hard it is sometimes to remove face and body stage makeup.  I took bad advice from someone who suggested to get a very accurate green witch look I should mix green food coloring with makeup base.  I believe what they sell for stage and halloween is not as permanent as food coloring.  This leads me to discuss how best to remove makeup, and how much really does need to be removed.  Most everyday makeup is non-comedogenic (or shouldn't clog pores) but after a day of oil secretion, dirt accumulation, and bacteria proliferation, it is a good idea to cleanse one's face removing all makeup.  I always recommend starting with a gentle cleanser.  If that fails to be adequate, then a gentle eye makeup remover may work.  If that fails, then try a gentle toner or astringent.  If that fails, then lastly try an alpha or beta-hydroxy acid exfoliating cleanser.  If you have to use an exfoliating cleanser, be very careful to avoid the sun as you will be more sensitive.

Week of June 17

OK, Anderson Cooper from CNN, shown here, probably has a little sun in his eyes, but man those forehead wrinkles look like they could trap some lint.  Botox helps to smooth those out but maybe not completely if the lines are present at rest (without muscle contraction).  To help strong frown lines or forehead wrinkles present at rest, I would add some hyaluronic acid filler to the Botox treatment.  This combo. treatment has been shown to last a 2-3 months longer than Botox alone.  See more info. about Botox on my Michelle Obama post.

Week of June 10   
We all have scars, some are more visible than others.  See my recent post on scar treatments for help.

In the photo to the right, I am not sure if Padma Lakshmi has makeup (or photo touch-up) covering her right arm scar (from car accident) but it looks pretty good here.  Maybe she had laser treatment. For her scar, I would recommend Fraxel Restore treatment with both 1550nm and 1927nm lasers, and careful sun avoidance.

Week of June 3

The Disney Face: the sweet innocent younger sister Anna is up top, the loving caring but magical and powerful Elsa on the bottom.  They look as I have described them too.  There is a beauty lesson to be learned from their looks.  Next time you find yourself trying to do the latest makeup or cosmetic surgery trend, ask yourself what overall look are you trying to achieve.  Avoid focusing on one feature and accentuating, because that may run you into trouble.  Elsa, on the bottom, looks more sly and cunning (as she is supposed to) because of her half closed slanted eyes with dramatic makeup, single braid and tousled bangs.  Whereas Anna is more approachable and innocent with her two braids, blunted smooth bangs, large open eyes, and freckled cheeks.

Week of April 30

Don Sterling, owner of LA Clippers, and recent newsmaker for his racist remarks.  I can't help but notice his baggy, saggy eyelids and neck.  He could benefit from an upper and lower laser blepharoplasty, as well as either a neck lift or laser neck tightening.

Week of April 16th

A Beverly Hills Spa Owner was recently caught using celebrity client's credit cards for personal purchases.  She has a long list of mostly female celebrity clients who frequent her spa for facials and other services.  I was inspired by this story to discuss facials. Nowadays facials can range in potency from what I view as a waste of time and money where it's a mild chemical peel treatment that could be purchased for home use at a much cheaper cost to something done in a physician's office which is more likely worth your time and $.  For example glycolic acid, if less than 25% is widely available for purchase and home use, and is a good starting strength for acne, brown spots, fine wrinkles.   Exfoliating cleansers that are sold in many spas or cosmetic doctors offices like mine can be used at home as a facial if diluted with water and left on your skin for 5-10 minutes as tolerated.   Leave it on until you feel a tingling or very mild stinging for at least a minute and then rinse.  Avoid the sun afterwards and gently moisturize.  Also, don't be fooled by advertisements for facials and peels that promise rejuvenating or scar improvements.  These treatments, unless it is a very potent trichloracetic acid peel administered by a physician, are usually not as effective as laser resurfacing or IPL.

Week of April 9th
Photo from Wikipedia

I am a huge fan of Versace clothing line, but Gianni's sister does inspire some "skinality" conversation.  When excess filler is placed in the upper lip we get a phenomenon my office staff and I fondly refer to as the "Vag" lip or vaginal appearing lips.  Also sometimes referred to as "duck" lips.  This can also occur when too much filler is placed in the fine upper lip lines.  It is not natural to have your upper lip significantly larger than the lower lip.  In fact, the upper lip is usually smaller than the lower lip.  Arm and armpit skin laxity can be improved with laser skin tightening (gentle Yag laser) and/or radiofrequency tightening (Invasix or Venus Legacy).  These treatments usually need to be repeated 5+ times.

Week of April 2
A Florida court technician has the job of blurring Justin Bieber's private parts on jail video before you can see it. The video will then be handed over to CNN and other news agencies this week under Florida's open records law, a Miami judge ordered Tuesday.
Seen in this pic, Justin Bieber tattoo, from CNN.com
Tattoos are kinda trendy in recent years, but what if you have changed your mind about yours.  Tattoo removal has made some small advances in recent years.  Laser is still the mainstay of treatment.  The newest Picosure laser can fade a dark (black) tattoo in half the time of other lasers (still multiple treatments, maybe 3 or more), but colorful tattoos may still take 6-10 or more treatments.  Some laser physicians are trying to speed the fading by doing more than one treatment in the same day, and having the patient wait a half hour between the treatments.  I would like to see more efficacy and safety data on this technique, which may carry increased risk for discoloration and scarring.

Week of March 26th
Did you see bing.com "Stars With Scars" story?  You can read and see about famous people and their famous scars.  While we still have plenty of room to advance in the field of scar treatment and there is no perfect quick cure for most scars, there are some options depending on the location and type of scar (thickened or thinned.)  I have had the most success treating thickened scars with a combination of injection of steroid and fractionated 1540nm or 1550nm lasers.  The thinner or atrophic scars, I prefer laser treatment alone.  For acne scars, I have had great success with a combination of subcision and laser resurfacing (Erbium/CO2) done in the same day.

Week of March 20th
Maggie Q, of the movie Divergent, was seen in a very bodycon but striking and sexy black dress at a recent premiere.  See the link http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/17/showbiz/gallery/latest03172014/index.html?hpt=en_t1
Alot of women would fear wearing a dress like this especially if they have a little cellulite or stretch marks.  Cellulite and stretch marks are very difficult to improve even with laser, but we still can improve both problems at least 50% and sometimes more than that.  For cellulite, we like to treat it with the Long-Pulsed Gentle Yag laser followed by MedSculpt or Velashape (Ultrasound and RadioFrequency heating/massage treatments), in 4 treatment sessions about 3-4 wks apart.  For stretch marks, we get the best results with a combination treatment starting with the Long-Pulsed Gentle Yag laser followed by Fraxel 1550nm laser, in 3-4 treatment sessions about 4-6 weeks apart.

Week of March 12th
I am seeing lots of women lately with overdone eyebrows.  It's true that thicker eyebrows are "In" right now, and it's true that thick eyebrows tend to look younger and healthier, but please don't get carried away, i.e.  Khloe Kardashian on recent cover of Cosmopolitan), Margot Robbie at the Oscar's. When the brows are overdone - too dark and thick - it may masculinize and even change a look to more serious or less friendly. Of course, this can be counteracted with a big smile, but you can't smile all day.

Week of March 5th
Bill Murray, brilliant comedian and actor, was literally "spotted" on the red carpet (see photo below).  He seems to have multiple solar lentigos and seborrheic keratoses - also known as age spots - on his face.  These are acquired from a combination of aging and sun.  With today's laser and light technology we can zap those away in 1-2 doctor visits, but with at least a week or more of healing.  If he wants the least invasive approach, I would advise IPL for the lentigos and thin Seb. Keratoses, and possibly Alexandrite laser treatment of the thicker lesions.  If he would like a little more help with wrinkles, then Fraxel Dual Restore treatment would get the brown spots and some of the fine wrinkles together.  Stronger laser resurfacing with Erbium/CO2 would get everything the best but with the most downtime - about 2-3 weeks of redness/crusting/peeling.

Week of February 19th
Brandi Glanville, author and reality T.V. star has admitted to getting "too much filler in the cheeks" in the past.  This concern raises a point.  Filler in the upper cheeks may look unnatural for two common reasons:  1. - too much filler, which is easily correctible if it is a hyaluronic acid filler.  2. filler in the upper cheeks, and lack of volume no filler in the lower, lateral cheeks or chin where it may also be needed to balance things out.  In the picture below, her cheeks look overfilled, so hopefully it's hyaluronic acid and I would recommend dissolving some of the product with enzyme.  Some people have significant volume loss (from bone resorption with age) on the low, lateral cheeks and chin area (see Woody's photo below), and then filler in the upper cheeks may look too triangular.  Then, I would recommend getting a little filler in both places.

Week of February 12th
Woody Allen fires back at molestation claims
from CNN.com/entertainment
Poor Woody, under scrutiny lately in the news.  Check out those sagging jowls.  It is a rite of passage in women and men over 60, even when your slender like Woody.  It can be worse in people who are overweight.  The ways we address jowls non-surgically have advanced alot in recent years.  First, we understand now that alot of this sagging is starting from volume loss higher up in the face where we get bone resorption in the upper cheek from aging.  I would recommend for Woody and anyone else with this problem, filler (Voluma or Juvederm or Radiesse) to augment the upper cheek bone loss and mask the undereye herniating fat bags, and this usually lifts the sagging in the lower face (liquid face lift) without giving an unnatural pulling effect seen sometimes with face-lifts.  For jowls due to excess fat, I may suggest Lipodissolve injection, in addition to correction with filler of the volume loss in the upper cheeks.  Finally, filler can also be placed in the chin and jawline to lessen the jowl groove, but it may not succeed in this location without the cheek lift as described above to support it.

Week of February 5th
What a rough week for alot of us...Peyton Manning's code was broken, the tragic loss of the brilliant and talented Philip Seymour Hoffman, the stock market takes a small plunge, snowstorms paralyze across the country.  We need a little comedy in our lives this week, so let's take a look at Jerry Seinfeld, a man who is aging quite gracefully.  He has been in the news lately for a planned reunion with his Seinfeld cast.  He is blessed with a swarthy complexion which has likely protected him over the years from too much sun damage, though I hear he likes the beach in the Hamptons.  He does sport some small crow's feet lines which could be easily softened or improved with a little Botox (Dysport or Xeomin).  Laser resurfacing or tightening would work as well to on those expression lines around his eyes, but with his darker skin, I would suggest only in the hands of a skilled laser skin dermatologic surgeon. see photo

See story CNN

Week of January 28
L.A. had a busy party atmosphere, as I visited some of my friends and patients.  I attended Alex Von Furstenberg's (son of designer and beauty Diane Von Furstenberg) birthday party, which started at his house and then continued at 1 Oak in West Hollywood.  It was the second night since the L.A. location of 1 Oak opened, so Alex's party shared the space with a mega-pre-grammy party featuring appearances by JayZ, Beyonce, PDiddy, Busta Rhymes, Russell Simmons, Quincy Jones, Paris Hilton, Jared Leto, and more.  My tip inspired by witnessing the young hollywood friends of these celebrities was to STOP social smoking, and end the trend to have 1-3 cigarettes a day. Cig smoke is not only harmful to our heart and lungs, but is awful for our skin.  These young, 30+ beautiful people will not stay so beautiful with their excessive exposure to smoke.  The smoke oxidizes our precious skin cells and gives wrinkles, premature aging and a sallow unhealthy appearing complexion.

Paris Hilton looking hot at the 1 Oak pre-Grammy party

Week of January 23
I attended the Sundance Film Festival this past weekend, and some of the actors and sighting inspired me to share some cosmetic and skin care tips.  I'll start with comedian Jenny Slate, starring in the dramedy "Obvious Child".  She is young, pretty and has beautiful olive skin, and likes to joke that she resembles Ann Frank, which she does.  I did notice that she had a few more freckles on her left face, consistent with getting a little too much sun (over the years) through the driver's side car window.  I would recommend either sunblock (reapplied very 1.5-2 hours) and/or a UV protective film in the window.  See the Skin Cancer Foundation website (www.scf.org) for more info about those.  Harmful freckle, wrinkle and cancer-causing UV rays can penetrate car windows.

Dr. Stolman, Dori Cooperman (Socialite, blogger), Lady Victoria (Model, Socialite, Writer)

Week of January 15
This has been a busy week for celebrities in the news
It's Michelle Obama's 50th !  I heard some talk of her being asked if she would consider Botox or plastic surgery now that she is 50.  I would guess after examining many photos of her that she may have had a little Botox just in her low brow to diminish the frown, which I fully advocate with her line of work.  If you're in the public eye so much, you don't ever want to be caught with a frown.  She is beautiful and has taken well care of her skin.  I know that if she ever had Botox, it was not put in her upper forehead because she still has those expression lines, and that is fine if you just want a little help from Botox.  She has a nice, natural look where she still has expression lines, they're just softer.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler just hosted one of the most highly rated (in terms of views) Golden Globes awards show.  I thought they looked and sounded great.  They reminded me of how rejuvenating and invigorating a full head of hair looks on a woman.  Check out their glam hair.  It really flattered.


Poor David Cassidy, who at least my fellow generation X'ers love from the Partridge Family reruns.  He was recently arrested for DUI.  I can't help but point out the pros and cons of how he has dealt with his aging since his former teen idol status.  First off, I commend him for trying, and support his effort to look his best, for continued employment in the acting world.  I have some suggestions for him to help masculinize his look (since having either a face or brow lift).  I would suggest that he fill in his frontal hairline a little and thicken his eyebrow hair, maybe with hair transplant or minoxidil.  I would also suggest he have lower lid laser blepharoplasty to take out the fat pads and tighten the wrinkles, so he looks less tired.

Week of January 8
Have you seen recent photos of Matthew McConaughey?  There is no doubt he had a successful hair transplant.  I heard through the grapevine it was with the very successful Neograft system.  It is true, that thinning hair in a man can age, and that would not be good for Matthew's current acting career.  Unless you are looking for the Vin Diesel bald look which many women find sexy, and you suffer from thinning hair, consider a Neograft hair transplant.  See my post on Neograft for more info.

Week of January 1, 2014  !
Katy Perry has a line of false eyelashes available at some beauty stores.   Lashes have been a topic of focus in recent years, ever since Latisse became FDA-approved for growing longer lashes.  Longer lashes help to enlarge and soften one's eyes.  With longer lashes your larger-appearing eyes will appear more youthful, as well as friendly, inviting and approachable.  At the same time, don't overdo it, Tammy Faye-Baker style.  Some women I have seen lately, manage to overdo it with either excess mascara or excess eyelash extensions.  Unless you're an artist like Katy Perry, you probably won't pull off overdone lashes. To get a youthful, softer, attractive look seek a natural degree of eyelash enhancement.  See my post on lashes, where I show my trial success with Latisse.

Week of December 1st

The Hunger Games sequel "Catching Fire" just opened and everybody loves our heroine Jennifer Lawrence.  We're all taking up archery, and sporting the side bride.  Take a look at her gorgeous cheek bones.  As we age, we lose that volume, and the pretty heart-shaped face of youth becomes square or something else.  Fillers like new Juvederm Voluma (see filler update post) as well as  or Juvederm Ultra or Sculptra can help bring out the Jennifer Lawrence in you.

OK, I have to talk about Lenny Kravitz.  His eyes just pop with the gold eye shadow and black liner.   I am seeing more and more men with makeup.  Not just eye makeup, but concealer and nail polish too.  Right now it seems you gotta be "metrosexual" to do that, but hopefully that will change.

The actor who plays Peeta features a prominent jawline and underlying masseter muscle.  I wonder if he either grinds his teeth or chews gum a lot.  Now men can pull this off and still look quite handsome (as we all know Josh Hutcherson is), but it does give kind of an odd squareness to some people's face shape.  If you desire a softer, natural jawboned, I recommend Botox (Dysport or Xeomin) treatment to the master muscle.   It lasts 3-4 mths is usually less expensive than the forehead treatments, and  does not interfere at all with chewing or speech.  The masseter muscle is a very strong muscle and that small amount of Botox is just enough to control the overgrowth and not interfere with function at all.

See photos of these hot celebs by clicking or copying and pasting the link in your browser.




Week of December 8th

Check out Danica Patrick dressed as a Showgirl from her recent appearance at Country Music Awards.  She has nice facial contouring make-up.  To achieve that look, for daytime using a contour brush apply a bronzer lightly to the lower 1/3 of the apple of your cheeks.  Don't apply too much or it will look too severe or unatural.

Week of December 18th

It's Brad Pitt's 50th birthday !!  He was not my first crush growing up, but a close second after Rob Lowe.  He's looking mighty fine still at 50.  Angelina is so psyched.  If Brad came too my office for a rejuvenating consult, I would first compliment his youthful skin for 50.  I'm sure he has been good, at least sometimes, about avoiding sun rays to be so fair skinned and have so few wrinkles.  Unless he had any laser resurfacing treatments in the past.  In addition, I would then suggest he consider an upper eyelid laser blepharoplasty to remove the extra sagging aging upper eyelid skin.  That would be the only hint I see on his face of his true age.

Laser blepharoplasty is when a (CO2 or Erbium) laser is used to precisely cut and remove the extra skin. Compared to traditional blepharoplasty done with a scalpel or other cutting tool, the advanced laser technique has less bleeding/bruising and can be done with local anesthesia.  The down time is only about a week of rest before stitches are out and there's just a hint of swelling and pinkness on a barely visible scar.


Week of December 25th

The Sound of Music is one of my all time favorites and the Julie Andrews original was aired a few times this week.  In addition, the new TV play version starring Carrie Underwood was aired not to long ago too.  Hair braiding is hot right now.  Check out Carrie's lovely braids in the new version.  My expert advice, regarding braiding is to do it but not every day, remove it at bedtime, and avoid excessive hair pulling, so you don't end up with a prematurely thinning scalp.

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