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Don't overdo make-up, let your natural beauty shine through.

Your cosmetic treatments should not be noticeable and just have your friends and family admiring how good you look.

For a faster recovery and less bruising avoid taking blood thinning medications, foods and supplements a week before your cosmetic injection appointment (aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oil, garlic, vitamin E, red wine).  Ask your MD, if you have to take blood-thinning medications.

If you like getting your lips filled, please see my lip filler page for valuable tips.

If you have varicose and spider veins, be aware that any leg wound including cosmetic laser procedures may heal more slowly due to your compromised circulation.  Try wearing support hose to knee or full length while standing or sitting, to help healing.

If you suffer from recurrent folliculitis in a place that you shave, consider laser hair removal.

Avoid direct sun after having a laser skin resurfacing treatment for at least two months.

Smoking, even a couple cigs/day, ages the skin as well as other vital organs (heart, lungs).  Did you ever notice that people who smoke tend to look older than they really are. 

Cleanse your scalp/hair at least every two days (even if your ends are dry) or risk oil build-up, yeast, and consequent dandruff (seborrheic dermatitis).  Some heavy oil producers may need to cleanse more often than that.  See Hair Care Tips page.

Apply a hand cream after washing your hands as much as possible to prevent irritant hand dermatitis or dry, chapped hands and fingernails.

Wear sunblock while your driving, if it's more than ten minutes.  You will get harmful UVA rays through car windows.  These may cause brown spots, wrinkles, pre-cancers and skin cancers.  Most windows only protect from UVB (sunburn rays).  You may install a protective film.  See for suggestions on products.

Check some great laser resurfacing patient results from my office at the following link,
Laser resurfacing with CO2/Erbium is still the most efficient and effective safe outpatient treatment for severe wrinkles and acne scars.  Very few skin specialists offer this treatment in the country.  We do this every day at Gateway Aesthetic Institute.

If you want to lift your sagging mouth corners (and I don't mean joker style).  Just a slight lift to a neutral position to rejuvenate,  acid filler (like Voluma) to the upper cheek (not necessarily) in the corners of the mouth, might achieve that.

I will refer to Dr. Steven Dayan (plastic surgeon and author, +Steven Dayan ) when he explains in his book "Subliminally Exposed" less is more when it comes to makeup.  If you overdo makeup it might age and distort your look.  Even very beautiful women, like Kim Kardashian (of whom I am a huge fan) who will admit publicly her obsession with makeup.  Sometimes fans mistake her as the oldest sister, maybe because she has the most makeup?

Beware of home beauty treatment devices, like low level light treatment of acne, wrinkles, hair removal, as well as ultrasound and radiofrequency at home, most of them do not give enough energy to have a significant impact.  If they did, they wouldn't be considered safe enough for home use.  It's kinda like over-the-counter acne treatments vs. prescriptions. You will get faster, more satifying results with the in-office devices and the prescriptions.

Avoid overplucking the eyebrows.  Thin eyebrows in a woman ages by many years.  In a man, thin brows may feminize.  If you have thin eyebrow hair, and you would like to thicken them, try Latisse (prescription from your doctor) or generic minoxidil solution twice a day.  Apply either with a cotton swab.  Note:  Latisse is indicated for eyelash thickening and growth, so use on brows would be off-label, but likely safe.

To calm facial redness try a lotion containing some of the following:  aloe vera, chamomile, feverfew, green tea, niacin/niacinamide.  If that doesn't work, there is a new powerful prescription redness fighting gel called

I get asked about IPL and BBL or photofacials as they are also sometimes called.  These treatments are best for improving red and brown spots, but not so much for wrinkles, and are best for lighter skin types.

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