Friday, October 6, 2017

Winter Fashion 2017/2018

HOLIDAY MAKEUP, featuring Riley and Maya 

This is Xmas eye makeup that I applied on Riley

This is Hannukah eye makeup that I applied on Riley's big sister Maya.

More velvet!
This is a taupe velvet headband from Old Navy
It is super cute on my co-worker Megan.

Immediately after applying "Sassy Z" color in LipSense with clear gloss

Immediately after again

Six hours after applying, color still there.

Trying this long-lasting lip color.  Active ingredient is "acrylates" which is the building block for glue.  Acrylates may cause allergy in some people as they do in lip cosmetics.  In addition, there is a little stinging when you apply the product initially especially if you have any cracks or dryness in your lips.  My co-workers say the stinging fades after a couple weeks, once your lips have exfoliated.

More velvet for the season. Adorable Chevron Velvet purse
from Old Navy in Oxblood color, link as follows:

Gunmetal blue/gray polish winter nails with mystic topaz ring

This is a great holiday gift.  This all-in-one make-up palette is unique in being compact/small and having everything:  eyes, lips, cheeks.

This is Olivia, Master Aesthetician and model wearing this adorable deep blue velvet mini backpack from Mudd brand available at Kohls.  Her long wavy hair goes well with the mini pack. We are loving the velvet craze and want velvet everything.

Model:  Karen Stolman, M.D.   Photographer:  Olivia Anderson, M.A.

Velvet in green and Pink

Crushed velvet is showing up everywhere this season.   It is great mixed in with other textures or on its own.  
The green tee is from Nordstrom Rack, and the pink tee shirt dress is from Forever 21.

These are super comfy olive green suede low heel boots with gold chain detail on the heel, and inside zip, from Michael Kors.
See link below to purchase at Dillards.  They are also available at Macys

This is a lovely floral dress from Zara.  It has the high prairie collar.  I credit my good friend Abby for wearing it first at a recent Western wedding I attended.

Model:  Karen Stolman, M.D., Photographer:  Olivia Anderson, Master Aesthetician

To purchase dress, try this link...

We loved the corset look that is popular this fall.  This 3/4 sleeve top is from Express, and comes in white and red.  It is just adorable and goes well with skirt or pants.
The high/low, satin, pastel green skirt is from Forever 21.  

Model:  Karen Stolman, M.D.,  Photographer:  Olivia Anderson, Master Aesthetician.

Mule slides above

The Mule slides are made by STEVE MADDEN, and were purchased at Nordstrom Rack
The ankle boots are made by and purchased at ZARA

I wear a women's 8-8.5, if you are wondering.
To purchase ankle boots check out link below,

Model:  Olivia Anderson,  Master Aesthetician;  Photographer:  Karen Stolman, M.D.

We love these earrings that celebrate the human figure in a Picasso-like way.
You can find them at Mango

Model:  Karen Stolman, M.D.,  Photographer:  Olivia Anderson, Master Aesthetician

Pearls are really in this season.  These are multi-colored pearls to compliment my grays and browns.
This necklace is my own, and was a gift from my mother in the 90's.  It is meant to inspire and apologies that I cannot give you a link to purchase.

Model:  Karen Stolman, M.D.,   Photographer:  Oivia Anderson, M.A.

Lace with pin-stripes and bows.  So cute.
This shirt is from Zara

Model:  Karen Stolman, M.D.  Photographer:  Olivia Anderson, M.D.

More Lace detail on this paisley print blouse by "Exhiliration" from Target

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