Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pumas, Cougars, Jaguars, Manthers, and how looking younger can be a double-edged sword

When an older man is seen dating or marrying a much younger woman...some derogatory literary phrases come to some minds like trophy wife, gold digger, bald digger, sugar daddy, manther etc.

When an older woman is seen flirting, dating, or marrying a much younger guy...puma, cougar, jaguar, even gerbil (heard on SNL).

While I like to think these animals are attractive and even sexy, they are also aggressive predators.  Bottom line they're all pretty negative references.

I propose that at least the newer fashion of older women linking to much younger guys may have something to do with our progressing cosmetic technology where we are now capable of looking younger and more healthier than in the past.  There are biologic studies to explain that men have an instinctual attraction to a healthy, fertile women.  Looking younger may translate to healthier and more fertile to the eye.

While looking younger and more healthier can be fun in the dating world, it can have mixed outcomes in the workplace.  It is commonly known that looking younger and healthier will help one get hired and keep many jobs; however, I would suggest that in the white collar professional world it may interfere with one's ability to be taken seriously.  If you have no wrinkles or gray hair to show your maturity, will you be trusted to perform your work with the experience of a senior employee?  On the other hand, if you look older, you may give the impression of being tired, drained or even outdated.

I suggest that you look younger, healthier but show your knowledge and experience with hard work, charisma, and professionalism.

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