Friday, January 3, 2014

What is a Vaser? VASERlipo?

I am excited to have a new device in our practice that improves efficiency and speeds healing from our traditional tumescent liposuction.

The Vaserlipo device from Solta Medical co. is an ultrasound-based system for fat removal.  It uses ultrasound energy to gently shake up the subcutaneous fat, so that it can be easily suctioned out with the microcannula.  It also tightens the overlying skin as it treats the fat so you don't have leftover saggy skin. This treatment as well as traditional liposuction are appropriate when you can pinch more that an inch or two of fat in the abdomen, chest, arms, legs, neck, chin.  If you have less than a couple inches thickness of fat to remove, then a body-sculpting device like Liposonix may work fine.  Please see my page on Bodysculpting.

The Vaserlipo treatment is done with local tumescent anesthesia, outpatient. You only rest for 12 hours or so, and then are able to move about.  Strenuous activities need to be avoided for only three weeks.  The final healed result can be seen at 3-4 months.  The treatment can be combined with fat transfer.  For example, if you want to move fat from a place where you have too much like the belly or hips to a place where you need it like a scar, the face or breasts.

Lots of people ask "will the treatment last?".  The answer is yes for some people, and no for others.  If you are planning on losing fat with any of these procedures I have described, you should also commit to maintaining the weight loss with a healthy diet and exercise plan. 

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