Saturday, January 18, 2014

Under eye dark circles and veins

I get asked a lot by my patients how to improve their under eye circles and veins.

Some of us have dark under our eyes all our lives for hereditary reasons.  I have even seen some teenagers with hereditary prominent and unsightly under eye veins.  Sometimes it can be acquired or exacerbated by allergies, sinus congestion and lack of sleep.  In addition, with age and sun we can get thinning and wrinkling of the skin along with spider veins under the eye.

We used to not have a good, safe treatment for this problem, other than make up concealers and creams that contain vitamin K which never seemed to work very well, except maybe a new one called Teamine cream (Revision SkinCare) - see pic below.  My associate at Gateway Aesthetic Institute in Utah, Dr. Mark Taylor, recently published (now a year ago) one of the first reports of successful treatment of unsightly under eye and around the eye (periorbital) spider veins with the NdYag 1064nm  laser.  I have since been successfully treating this in people of all ages and skin types, but with caution and very good eye protection.  I must emphasize that Dr. Taylor and I are board-certified dermatologists and laser treatment experts and can do this treatment safely.  The NdYag laser can be a tricky laser to use well and safely.

In addition to treatment of the spider veins around the eyes, we also will treat the darkness and/or redness of this under eye area with careful use of our IPL(Intensed Pulsed Light) device.

Both treatments may need to be repeated 2-3 and there can be temporary swelling, redness or bruising.
It is not usually painful because we use numbing cream and ice pops.


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