Monday, November 25, 2013

Longer Eyelashes

These are my lashes after 12-14 weeks of Latisse.

I have clear mascara on only to lift them up for viewing.  I am very pleased with this product from Allergan.  I tried eyelash extensions for a year before starting Latisse.  I found the extensions (even false mink) to look less natural, and I got more comments from friends and strangers questioning what I did.  Also extensions are way higher maintenance, with the need to fill every 3 wks.  Takes an hour+ to have the fill done, and you may pay $45 to $80 depending on how much of a fill and the salon location.  I have green hazel eyes and the iris did not change color at all from Latisse.  The package has that warning but it was only seen in people who were putting the liquid on their entire eyeball for glaucoma.  When you use it for the upper lashes, you don't get it in the eyeball at all.

My medical assistant has blonde lashes, and says that she uses colored mascara with the Latisse to darken them.

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