Friday, November 22, 2013

Improve Your Aerobic Metabolism of Fat with CelluCurve

For those who have stubborn deposits of fat despite diet and exercise, or even if you haven't tried enough exercise yet. Cellucurve was invented in Italy and is all the rage for a safe, non-surgical means of burning stubborn fat. I heard there were lines out the door of the Italian medical offices with this amplified exercise device.

The Italian inventor and engineer (Fabio Marchesi) of CelluCurve and its technology explains that fat in our body burns/metabolizes more efficiently when it is heated or warm. We change from the inefficient anaerobic metabolism to aerobic metabolism of fat with the heat. People with trouble losing weight may have less active aerobic metabolism which is needed to lose the fat and the weight. You can watch Fabio explain the technology on YouTube.

What is Cellucurve?
CelluCurve is an inclined, comfortable, stationary bike with infrared lights that operate as you cycle to gently heat your fat. The light can be adjusted to shine and heat the areas you want to heat, and you can put cool packs on your breasts (if your a woman) and prevent loss of fat there but instead redistribute the other metabolizing fat to the breasts. In other words, you can move fat from your butt to your boobs, yay! For men, you could melt those man boobs.

Is it painful?
No, but you do sweat a lot, and need to keep lots of water on standby.

Where does liposuction fit in?
If you don't want to or can't commit to the CelluCurve program - 15 x 40 minute biking sessions, then you may be a candidate for liposuction. However liposuction won't improve your cardiac output like Cellucurve will.

Where can I find the machine in the U.S.?
I heard that the The Gateway Aesthetic Institute and Laser Center of Utah to date is the only place in the United States with the machine.

How much does it cost?
$1999 for 15 x 40 minute sessions at Gateway Aesthetic Laser Institute.

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