Friday, October 24, 2014

CoolSculpting my office staff

We just CoolSculpted on of my medical assistants last week.  CoolSculpting is cryolipolysis, where fat is frozen underneath the skin.  She is a beautiful girl and she is getting married next summer, so really wanted to look her best.  She is only 24, and has stubborn pockets of fat that we treated below her belly button, and on her hips.  She did fine this week, and just had a little sensitivity in her waist.  One or two days she had some nerve pain beginning on day 4 after the procedure but that has since subsided by day 7.  She took a medication called Gabapentin which helped with that.  We were told this side effect is transient and rare, <10% of people who CoolSculpt.  Her new hourglass figure should be visible at the earliest 30 days and latest three months.  Sometimes a second treatment is needed for larger fat pockets.  Today we are treating a man for "man boobs."  I will try to post pictures in another month of my assistant.

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