Friday, September 12, 2014

Sorting out what cream is best for your aging face

It can be overwhelming, the many choices of rejuvenating facial skin creams.  I frequently get asked about which is the best cream or cream(s).  While I do not believe there is one best cream for everyone, I do believe there is a best combination of creams for any given person.  The latest philosophy on daily home skin care rejuvenating regimens is to include the following:  Growth Factors, Retinoids, Antioxidants, Sunblocks and Specialty Products (like skin lighteners).  The SkinMedica line coined the term "GRASS" to help us remember these five components of a good anti-aging daily skin care regimen.  Most women and men will benefit from a GRASS regimen if their goal is to fight aging changes in their skin.

To find products that contain these ingredients, please see my skin cream ingredient database,

Thursday, September 4, 2014


For Anti-aging...

The main components of a rejuvenating home topical skin care regimen should include the following:
1.  Sunblock
2.  Antioxidants
3.  Growth Factors
4.  Retinoids
5.  The as needed Extras:  skin lighteners, anti-redness, DNA repair, exfoliating, acne-fighting.
It is best if you see a dermatologist to have your regimen personalized and designed based on your skin type and any other special needs.

For Acne-prone skin...

1. Exfoliating cleanser or gentle cleanser (if sensitive skin)
2. Retinoids
3. Anti-inflammatory
4. Anti-bacterial
5. Sunblock

For Rosacea-prone skin...

1. Gentle non-medicated cleanser
2. Sunblock
3. Anti-redness, calming, vasoconstricting
4. Anti-inflammatory

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